Gmail is getting some machine learning augmentation

Patrick Devaney


Have you ever been searching for an old email on Gmail and come up short? If you have more than one email account, having to repeatedly search through different search terms can be a real-time waster. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a similar experience to this, you will be happy to hear that it looks like Google is trying to improve Gmail’s search function by augmenting it with machine learning capabilities. Let’s check it out.

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In a Google Workspace blog post that has since mysteriously been taken down, Google released details of improved search functionality for Gmail that would return more accurate and circumstantial search results from your inbox.

Gmail is getting some machine learning augmentation

As mentioned earlier, sometimes searching for old emails can be a real chore as you try to remember things like who sent the email when, what was it about, and any key phrases you think may have been included in the text. Machine learning should change all this, however, as it means the Gmail search bar will be much better at figuring out what it is that you’re looking for without all the other prompts.

The blog post that has now disappeared announced that the feature had already already begun rolling out on a general availability basis meaning all Google Workspace users will get access to it over the next few weeks. These things can just take a bit of time before they get to everyone, but this feature is on the way.

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