Google simplifying Gmail with category organization

Christopher Park


Google’s Gmail hasn’t changed much over the years other than quietly increasing storage space up to 10 GB. Today, Google displayed a new interface to Gmail by allowing users to group mail into categories. You could already create filters to automatically sort your mail, but the new scheme prioritizes messages.

With mail tabs for primary, social, promotions, and updates, you can easily sort your Gmail inbox into specific categories. It’s not as automatic as you think because you will still have to customize it a bit by setting senders to specific tabs.

The new layout can also have an effect of Google Now, which has integration with your Gmail account, to find more information for package tracking and other relevant information that can be shown through Google Now’s cards.

Mobile apps will also be receiving the update and the Primary tab will be the first tab to view when opening the app. Google is integrating this new interface throughout all their apps from Google Play Music, Google+, and Hangouts.

Google isn’t requiring the switch to be mandatory because if you don’t like the new layout, you can switch back to the classic Gmail layout at any time. The update has a gradual release and it can be expected “within the next few weeks” for users.

[Source: Gmail Blog]

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