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How to have infinite Gmail addresses with only one account

Maria Baeta


Did you know that you can write the same Gmail address in different ways? This trick, which very few people know about, helps you have several accounts for online services (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…) without having to create a new email account every time, and without all that hassle.

How many ways can you get “new” email addresses that are actually the same one? We’ll tell you below!

How to have infinite Gmail addresses with only one account

Trick 1: add dots to your username

Gmail doesn’t count dots (.) as characters in usernames. So, if your email is, you can add one or more dots and Google will continue to identify it as the same address.

They look different, right? Nope, Gmail recognizes all these addresses as the same and all mail sent to these addresses will arrive in the same inbox.

Trick 2: Add extra words to your username

Gmail doesn’t just turn a blind eye to dots but also lets you add words to your normal email address. The only thing you have to do is add a plus symbol (+) after your normal username and then add the word you want. For example:

It’s that simple. Make as many nicknames as you want!


Trick 3: combine both tricks

Want an even weirder email address? Gmail lets you combine trick 1 and trick 2 with no limits.

etc, etc, etc…

It’s time to get creative!

Use this trick to avoid creating excess email accounts

Admit it, you’ve created several email accounts in order to use a service under different names… or create trial accounts for certain paid services. Take it easy, we all do it when we’re broke, and this trick is perfect for this.

This article was originally published in August 2017

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