New feature in Gmail: Smart Labels

Elena Santos


Gmail focuses on email organization again with the latest addition to Gmail Labs: Smart Labels, a group of automated email filters that can help you deal with your email in an easier, more productive way.

We all get lots of emails everyday – not only personal messages, but all sorts of social network notifications, order confirmations, promotional emails, mailing lists and newsletters you don’t even remember signing up for. So unless you have a dozen email filters to tidy this mess up, your inbox is probably a huge amount of unsorted messages.

This is where Smart Labels come in handy. Once you enable them in Labs, Gmail will add three new labels (Bulk, Notifications and Forums) and start automatically filtering your inbox according to them. Bulk includes any kind of mass mailing, Notifications refers to messages sent directly to you (like messages from social networks) and Forums is applied to mailing lists.

If you’re already using filters in Gmail you may find Smart Labels a bit interfering, but they can play along your current organization system without much hassle – and be edited in Settings just like any other regular filter as well. And for those of you who are not using filters yet, Smart Labels is an excellent starting point. If you want to give them a try, just click the green beaker (or the blue gear) on top of your Gmail account.

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