Top 10 Gmail extensions and plugins



Gmail logoA few days ago, I looked at some tips for helping avoid the increasing problem of e-mail stress – that horrible feeling when you feel utterly terrorised by your inbox. One e-mail client which I’ve always found reduces this problem to a minimum is Gmail. In fact, I think that Gmail is so good, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use it. Anyway, as good as Gmail is, there are several applications and plugins which can help you get even more out of Google’s one and only e-mail client. These range from extensions that double-up your Gmail to serve as a hard drive to simply changing the look of your client with some new skins. Here’s a selection of ten top tools to get more out of this excellent web based e-mail client:

Gmail Notifier – Get notified of new mail without even opening your browser

Gmail Shell Drive Extension – Use your Gmail as extra hard drive space

GmailAssistant – Get notified of mail in multiple Gmail accounts

Better Gmail – A compilation of useful Gmail enhancements

Gmail Remote Command – Control your PC remotely via your Gmail account

Google Gmail Loader – Import all your e-mail from other accounts into Gmail

Gmail Manager Extension
– Check your Gmail directly from Firefox

– Manage multiple Gmail accounts under one client

Gmail Skins – Give Gmail a whole new look with some great skins

Google Talk – Get notified of new Gmail while using Google’s instant messaging client

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